Child Age

Online Classes for age group 3 to 4 years

A Trip to the magic Island - Fairy Tale

10 Lessons 2 Weeks
A virtual trip to the fairy island with stories, songs, role-plays and other engaging activities. Campers journey through Fairytale Island...

The Magical Forest - Enchanted Kingdom

10 Lessons 2 Weeks
Children will go on a journey deep into an enchanted forest. Here they meet knights, princesses, jesters and even a...

English Foundation Age 3-4 Years

96 Lessons 1 Year 48 Lessons 6 months
Phonics, Focus on Conversational English, Interactive Games, Innovative, Computer-Based, Vocabulary, Stress-free and Fun

FasTracK Tots - Building Life Skills

48 Lessons 6 months 96 Lessons 1 Year
Building a strong foundation of Life Skills with FasTrack Tots. Our FasTrack Tots engage in twelve fascinating subjects that include...

FasTracK Learning Potential Assessment

30 Minute Test
How do you help your child become a strong learner for the 21st century? At FasTracKids®, we believe in developing the...

FasTrack Beginners

11months 5 Days/week 3months 5 Days/week 6months 5 Days/week
Our FasTrack® Beginners program is designed for children 3-4 years old to learn age-appropriate content and English as a Foreign...